Are you looking for spam-free Telegram Numbers/Accounts?

You're in the right place! Our team will facilitate you with Telegram Accounts including API Hash and IDs to easily configure in our Telegram Bots.

You can even request custom names and profile pictures for the accounts. You will get full login access to all accounts upon delivery.

Get 10 Telegram Accounts with API Hash and Ids delivered to you within 24 hours.

$90 USD

Get 20 Telegram Accounts with API Hash and Ids delivered to you within 48 hours.

$180 USD

All accounts are spam-free and verified by @spambot

Request custom names for accounts.

Request custom profile picture for accounts

API Hash and Ids are a included for accounts.

Full login access on Telegram for all accounts.

Configure accounts easily in our Telegram bots.

  • All accounts' numbers and API Hash and IDs will be delivered via email unless ordered through SeoClerks or Fiverr. Login codes will be exchanged through an AnyDesk session with one of our agents. The agent will log in to all accounts for you on your PC.


Telegram limits an IP address to login to only 10 accounts per day and as such, we will be delivering accounts in batches of 10 per day. It is important to know that logging in to more than 10 accounts in a short period may trigger Telegram's spam detector and may result in accounts being banned.

Once we hand over accounts to you, we will log out, allowing you full access to the accounts. We are not responsible for your actions on the accounts afterwards. We are not liable for accounts being banned or restricted due to your personal actions, our responsibility is only to deliver spam-free accounts. If your account gets banned/restricted based on your actions, this is between you and Telegram.