​The products and services that ExpertBotz provides to you are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

I) ExpertBotz reserves the right to update these at any time without notice to you.

II) These terms & conditions are liable to all orders made to Expert Botz.

III) Clients/Subscribers also explicitly agrees that the

Products will not be used for and or for designing any (ultra)hazardous activities, including but not

limited to critical spamming, scamming, or promotion of illegal activities, etc.

IV) ExpertBotz reserves the right at any time after receipt of a Client’s Order

to accept or decline the Order for any reason, even without prior notice to Client.

V) All Orders placed

must obtain approval with an acceptable method of payment.

VI) ExpertBotz may require additional

verifications and or information before processing an Order from Client.

VII) An Order is uncancelLable once it is delivered.